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Old Cutters is the quintessential neighborhood for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike, offering understated elegance, environmentally conscientious home design, and a close-knit and friendly community.  Situated in the mountains of Hailey, Idaho, Old Cutters includes a five-acre park, is directly adjacent to hiking trails on BLM land, and is close to the bike path that runs the entire length of the Wood River Valley :).


Design Goals

At the heart of Old Cutters lies the primary goal of creating a friendly, supportive, and environmentally conscientious community appointed with well-designed, beautiful homes.

Extensive research went into identifying integral characteristics of great neighborhoods and communities. In addition to consulting with a professional community planner, local neighborhoods were evaluated, as well as small towns in other parts of Idaho and Montana. We noted the most striking neighborhoods have tree-lined streets and sidewalks which provide both an attractive and pedestrian friendly appeal. Some neighborhoods maximize lawn space by encouraging garages off alleyways. Craftsmen-style homes gracing these neighborhoods, complete with wraparound porches, give these neighborhoods a visual sense of care, connection, and community. We have incorporated these elements and more, as we work to develop our own appealing and vibrant neighborhood, known as Old Cutters.

We have adopted Architectural Guidelines that encourage new homeowners to design with a sense of community in mind, so their homes blend well with the surrounding neighborhood and landscape. These home designs contain features considered inviting and approachable. We find details such as front porches, welcoming walkways and landscape all play a role in creating this sense of connection and community.

Designing and building Old Cutters as a green and environmentally conscientious community is also a crucial part of our vision.  We accomplish this through the use of natural resources and building specifications, which include:

  • The use of water from the Hiawatha Canal rather than importing city water for our parks and the grassy areas between the streets and sidewalks.
  • Planting water-conserving grass known as “Defiance” in the park and along the roads, which requires half the amount of water than the conventionally used Kentucky bluegrass.
  • Building shared driveways between lots not served by alleys, to maximize natural land and minimize driveway cuts, protecting the pedestrian friendly environment.
  • Augmenting sun-exposure and daylight on every lot by outlining the plots to run east west, providing homeowners with the ability to build either an active or passive solar house.
  • Encouraging building construction to be LEED certified or Energy Star rated. LEED certification guides homes to be built in environmentally responsible and sustainable ways – minimizing waste, and minimizing costs to heat during the winter, while guaranteeing a healthy, toxin-free interior air quality. To date, the Mountain Sun Home designs and cottages at the southern end of the subdivision have all been LEED certified.
  • To learn more about green building standards and specifications used in our Build-to-Suit Designs, please visit the ENERGY STAR NORTHWEST WEBSITE.
  • Finally, a chief design imperative for us is that Cutters be an inviting, active community where outdoor fun and recreation is immediately out one’s door. To meet that goal, Old Cutters offers the following:
  • A 5-acre park situated in the middle of the development is complete with a big playing field for team sports, a large covered picnic shelter for family gatherings and get-togethers, and a creative playground structure to keep kids well entertained.
  • Hiking and biking trails bordering three of the four sides of the subdivision. These trails parallel flowing water canals, offering a peaceful and attractive exploring environment. Untouched mountain terrain lies to the east of Old Cutters.   We can’t take credit for some of our best neighborhood features!
  • Thousands of acres of BLM land abut our subdivision, providing diverse recreation opportunities. Heading northeast out of our subdivision, you can hike in a straight line for almost 50 miles before hitting a paved road!
  • While nestled into mountainside landscape, we are also less than a mile’s walk to the center of Hailey and its attending stores, restaurants and movie theater.

Old Cutters is a unique, dynamic, and beautiful neighborhood. We invite you to visit and see if Old Cutters is a community you would also like to call home.

To learn more about Old Cutters, please email or call us and we look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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