Green Community

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We go above and beyond code design and construction…

A green community is an intentional approach to planning and growth that strives to reduce the environmental footprint. Accordingly, a green community focuses on environmental implications of its development, as well as site specific building and landscape architecture. At Old Cutters we incorporate land use design and policies which care both for the environment and its community members. Examples of Old Cutters’ green design and policies are:

Getting Around: We have designed an aesthetically pleasing, walkable community, with our tree-lined streets and sidewalks.

Land Conservation:

  • Minimal driveway cuts, which is why we have shared driveways and alleys.
  • Cottage development: efficient land use, with common area, driveway and parking. Smaller, efficiently designed and built homes which minimize environmental footprint, while promoting neighborly socializing and communal connection.

Resourcefulness: We installed Defiance, a water wise deep rooted grass in the ROW.  We installed a drip system for the trees so in drought years the trees remain healthy without having to water the grass.

Waste: we encourage homeowners to take advantage of available curbside waste recycling programs.

Construction: We promote Energy Star, LEEDs and green construction practices. Our own building construction has all been either Energy Star or LEED certified. We promote reasonable building footprints and design with community in mind. Architectural elements promoting social interaction include approachable front doors and porches. In addition, we have in place landscaping guidelines which serve to harmonize individual landscaping with the rest of the neighborhood, rather than act as barricades.

Social Connections within Community: Our pedestrian-friendly setting has neighbors often socializing with one another as they walk and bike through the neighborhood. We also have central community mail box locations, further fostering neighborly exchanges and relaxed socializing.   Our 5-acre park is home to many social gatherings, recreation, and sporting events. Most summer nights have families picnicking and barbequing at the park, with various games in play. Music events can fill the evening air with sound and laughter.

Close to Home: Within easy walking and biking distance are acres and acres of trail explore and park recreation. Downtown Hailey with its retail shops, grocery stores, restaurants and movie theater, are all within a mile of Old Cutters.

Come visit Old Cutters to experience the “NEW” practice of healthy, environmental, and energy efficient living!