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Recreation is a cornerstone feature of Old Cutters, with easy access to the bike path, hiking trails and vast open acreage abutting Cutter’s eastern property line. Heading due east from Cutters, a hearty hiker could cover almost 50 miles before hitting a paved road. To further promote a passion for outdoor fun and play, we’ve built a neighborhood 5-acre park!

 Park Amenities Include:

  • Large playing field for recreation and sport events
  • Two state of the art playgrounds: 1 for children, 1 for toddlers
  • Covered picnic tables and BBQ pits for gatherings and parties
  • Men’s and women’s restrooms

Our Park is Environmentally Responsible

The park is landscaped with Defiance, a native grass requiring less water consumption than the more conventionally used Kentucky Bluegrass. The park already has a variety of trees such as Royalty Crabapple, Autumn Blaze Maples, Lodgepole Pines, and Red Maples. Hangman’s Gulch Trail Head is accessed from the park and continues on to a network of trails that are visible on the attached Trail Map.


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